Babe, when I say I need me some time
I mean time with you left by my side
C’est la vie avec toi mon bébé
What am I gonna do?
She’s got me speaking in cliché’s
Flightpath freckles in May
Landing in a daze on her floatiest Gaze
To Hold you, hold me – fantasy
How we came to be

Lucid Laze down you lady
And it might be nice
I know you love me but please tell me twice
Kisses between smiles sent me spiralling
You say if you’re so close to my heart how could you be so far away

When she smiles there’s that pinprick in her cheek perfect lips and teeth
Why I’m always fine – Her eyes loving straight at me

Words, delicately come easy
She inspires me to be..
Words escape me, I’ll just put it plainly

You and I, we get along famously

You want, I want you
We get along


  1. Sophia

    June 29, 2021 at 7:48 am

    Love is too short but hard to forget.

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