I’m a traveling man by trade and inclination.
And I always found it hard to settle down.
My feet are always itching to be moving from town to town.
I came to build a bridge across the Humber,
Thats where I came across the sweetest lady in all the land.

She’s a whiterose,she’s my sunlight, she’s an angel.
She’s the most precious thing I know in all the world.
She gives me all my hope and inspiration
She is my life,she is my light my Yorkshire girl.

I heard songs of boats that sail the river, and I’ve heard songs about the bridges towered so high.
But I never heard a song about my lady,
Can I tell you why?
Its hard to find the words when things are near you,like its hard to speak your feelings and your mind.
But I’m going to sing this song for my lady
Can I tell you why?

A cold and wintery day in deep November
Working on a catwalk in the sky,
I can not say exactly how it happened or tell you why.
Some say it was a miracle that saved me
And the doctors tell me I shouldn’t be alive.
But I walked through and my only Yorkshire lady walked by my side.


  1. Harry

    March 6, 2022 at 7:18 pm

    loved it

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