YN Jay – Oxyyyyy Lyrics

(Enrgy made this one)
Oxy, Oxy

I just popped an OxyContin, I’m finna go to sleep
You gon’ pay for the pussy, she let me fuck for free
I got flicked in the white Bentley with the butter seats
They ain’t even know I had to—, yeah
I had to stuff the seats
Boy, it’s pussy in your bloodline if you’re brother’s sweet
I make my bro—, ha-ha-ha-ha-ha
I make my brother beat up yours, I beat your brother weak
How the fuck I wake up, but I’m still in a dream?
I can’t buy no Wock from these niggas, they be cutting lean
Damn, bitch I know your pussy stink, you got rubber jeans
Bitch ass sliding down her pants, she got butter jeans
Bitch walked in with a big bitch, looked like—, ah
Bitch walked in with a big bitch, looked like Butterbean
Damn, I knew this bitch ran track, she got runner jeans
Nigga, you don’t really rock Amiri, them your brother’s jeans
I just caught my fiend having sex with my other fiend
Nigga, you got traded to that squad, that’s your other team
I don’t let my bitches meet my mama ’cause my mother mean
These ho’s don’t love me, they just really want me for some cheese
I make my robot beat your ass, call it Bumblebee
Bitch ain’t know I had the Gucci’s on, ain’t see the double G’s
Bitch, open up your eyes, you gotta look closely
I ain’t wanna be a rapper, I swear the shit chose me
Nigga tried to start some beef with me ’cause his bitch chose me
If you never heard the Coochie Man, I bet your bitch know me
In the club popping bottles, I bet your bitch want me
Threw some diamonds right above my hand, now my wrist frozen
Bitch, these ain’t no Chuck Taylors, these some Rick Owens
Eighth of Wock in the two-liter, it was so delicious
I can’t let no nigga tell on me, got smoke the witness
Nigga lost his life for that ho’, he got smoked for bitches
Nigga beefin’ with some ho’s, he got smoked with bitches
What the fuck? Damn
What? Aight, yeah
I be catching plays at Popeyes, I don’t want no chicken
Nigga ain’t have pussy all year, he don’t want the bitches
Niggas thought he died for no reason, he got smoked for snitchin’ 


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