He said, I set my net at the last low tide,
Where I set before at least a thousand times
Me and Dictator on the fishing ground,
D F#m
Four fathoms down
It was a full moon tide on the Skull Bar shelf,
A shallow rise in a bottomless hell
Time to pull the silver from the sandy mound,
D F#m
Four fathoms down
D F#m E A
Fishing for a living, it’s a drain on a sailor’s soul
D A C# (Db) F#m
Empty nets can turn a warm man cold
The tide was strong – took my net for a ride, D
Flipped The Dictator over on her side
Tried to free her with my knife ‘til the blood dripped down,
D F#m
Four fathoms down
I made to shore I had to find some help,
Couldn’t stand to watch her writhing on the shelf
Got the hooks, got the chains – gonna tow her out to
D F3m D
Twenty-five fathoms down
DF#mE AD Try for a winning, it’s a game in Leviathan’s hole,
I spend more money trying to make a go
F#mE A
Try for a winning, it’s gamble on Leviathan’s hole,
D A C#
Should I give up only heaven knows
Heaven knows
We pulled and we tugged got her half upright,
Dragged her off the bar while she hung on tight
The current kept her trail like a blood crazed hound, there’s Thirty-five fathoms down
Oh, the sun and the moon they wouldn’t give up her soul, Snapped the chains loose like a dry wish bone
She lurched, swayed back made a mournful sound, there’s Forty- five fathoms down
No misgivings, though the work it can break your bones, The paybacks more than a miner’s gold
No misgivings, though the work makes a young man old, The payback’s better than a miner’s gold
Miner’s gold
She pitched and she rolled – gave the fight of her life, Fought the watery hand that gripped with all her might But the tide won the battle and it pulled her down, to f Fifty five fathoms down
Dictator she’s a lady, she’s a sailor’s dream, She’s saved countless men in a hurricane sea Earned every salt of her resting ground, Fifty-five fathoms down
Take no pity, it would shame and vex her so, Just thanks for the years and the good times, bro Take no pity, it would shame and crush her so, Just thanks for years, now its time to go
Time to go
On the Skull Bar floor now she marks my set,
A true-blue friend in her eternal rest
Earthen, wooden vessel, she’s immortal now,
D F#m (repeat three times) Fifty-five fathoms down,


COUNTRY (255) - Dictator (1) - Folk (245) - World (262) - Wreck (1)


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