Woah* Lyrics

Future & Young Thug

[Intro: Future]
Hey, woah
This that high up surfers shit
(ATL Jacob, ATL Jacob)

[Chorus: Future]
Got a dick on that forty (Woah)
Put that dick on a shorty (Woah)
Hit a lick and record it (Woah)
All my bitches imported (Woah)
Ferrari make em’ fuck on the [?] (Woah)
I been rolling up x like a [?] (Woah)
Take a shit on a bitch, I’ma boss (Woah)
I make em’ apologize like a nun
Feel like a god with this ice in my trunk
When I get vibes I feel like a [?]
Slatt, slatt

[Verse 1: Future]
I [?] at the cars (Woo)
I crash at the cleaner’s (Woo)
This the [?], this the [?] on the [?] (Woah)
I got ice on my sleeves (Woah)
Make em’ fuck and I [?] (Woah)
Clean it up when I [?]
On my arm is a [?]
I get high off of [?] (Woah)
Selling dope out the cleaner’s (Woah)
And this coat [?] (Woah)
All my hoes need a [?]
Fuck her face then I [?], see, I watch for a [?]
Hey, woah, hey

[Verse 2: Young Thug & Future]
Couped up dope on my wrist (Hey)
I cut [?] on my nose (Yeah)
Diamonds get big as king kong (Yeah)
[?] new money, comin’ in fold (Hey)
I put diamonds on my bae (Yeah)
I put my diamonds in her panties (Yeah)
I put my thumb in her ass (Yeah)
Nasty, got ice on my [?]
I said I’m icy, ain’t cost a [?]
I copped the Bentley truck [?] legal
[?] on fuck [?]
I let her bump on my dick like [?]
Green diamonds on me like the creepers
Slatt, slatt
[?] thrax
You not my slatt (Woah)
Ain’t got no mac (Woah)
[?] a track (Woah)
Beat out the coupe (Woah)
And that boy he a [?]… 


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