Everybody’s talking about Willie and Waylon haggard and Jones and Johnny Cash everybody’s
Walking around this town saying country music where it’s at ( comin back)
Everybody’s wearing a cool t shirt
Got an outlaw beard and snakeskin boots Everybody’s strumming on a old six string chasing
Whiskey dreams
Ain’t nothing new
But every body sounds like Bruno mars in these Nashville bars and it makes me mad
Cause everybody’s talkin bout Willie and Waylon haggard and Jones and Johnny cash

Well I was in the mood for Merle
So I requested rainbow stew
And seriously that singer said the kitchen closed at 2
Then I spit my dip tipped his jar told him about my pain
Said it sure be nice if you kick off a little blue eyes crying in the rain he said he didn’t know it but
He would learn it for next time when I come back

Well I hung my head
A broken man
And I walked back to my truck
Turned on at a.m. radio
Hoping I might hear some buck
But every song was looped with drum machines sounded like that pop
My girlfriend likes listen to
Hell I just turned it off
I don’t understand what’s happening
Nashville lost its Nash


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