Why Me Lyrics


[…] might need another liver
Kidney failures, I tell you this shit couldn’t be more realer
My body [?] so it’s hard to clear my system
This shit get hard on a nigga, I hardly show my feelings
Look up and see stars but I’m realizing God in the ceiling
I been getting high ’cause sex and weed tryna show me different
Judging me for trying the whippets, I’m tired of the critics
But I can’t cap, I ain’t feel it, but this time I done did
The doc don’t care who the richest, I need [?]
Why, why me, baby? Why?
Wanna know why the reason on why I got my reasons
Reason why they ain’t tell me there was [?]
These police won’t ever save us, that’s why I run with heathens
God say you want me […]


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