Devin Townsend

album: “Empath” (2019)


Darling are you feeling alright? You look rather pale…
And all our friends are, all our friends are watching us

(I wanna go home)

But why run away?Why, why, why

Why, why, why?

Darling are you seeing inside? The wolves are alive
And all our faith is, all our faith is wrong


But why run away?
Why, why, why?

And all we’re feeling slowly comes unravelled
And all we’re fearing, comes to pull us under

So why run away?
Why, why, why?

Say ‘Yes:’ I’m alive
Say ‘No:’ I’m alive
Say ‘Yes:’ I’m alive
Say ‘No:’ I’m alive

So, we feel so irrelevant, we’re rolling televised
Our pride will bolt us to the ground
And the Earth itself will swallow us whole

We can’t think for those who’ll suffer

Darling, are you feeling alright?
Take a look at your fear
And all our fate is, all are faith in all!

But why run away?
When we can just walk away…

Why, why why?


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