Looking out my window beyond the clouds and past the colored sky
Searching for a glimpse of you behind the veil where heaven’s said to lie
I want to see your face, know that you’re alright
I want to peek through the wall, where time stands still

I’ve heard there’s a place out there reserved for those who leave this mortal strand
Some have called it Asgaard, Tien, Mount Olympus, Glory Land
A place that knows no pain, free of war and strife
And we all meet again, where time stands still

And time stands still in a corner of my mind,
Time stands still in a place I can’t define
Where I feel but I cannot touch you
See but I cannot hold you
A presence warm and close so near, but not within my reach

When I pass a looking glass, I turned to your imaged mirrored there
When I speak I hear your voice, my laughter rings in notes I can compare
To what you left inside, where blood and bone collide
Deep inside my heart where time stands still

So it really doesn’t matter how near or far this other world resides
All I know is where you are is where I want to be on the other side
When I pass through the veil, sail through these skies
I want to be with you again, where time stands still


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