I woke up and something seemed different
And it wasn’t that I didn’t have my movie for rent
I tried to ask someone what was going on
But they just did an impression of Joe don
I thought this was among us
But no one getting sus
Then i saw a crazy pig
And that pig was doing some kills that were big
I tried to run
And trust me,that wasn’t fun
What did i do to that pig to make it want to kill me
I think there was a point that i couldn’t see
Where am I anyways
I thought i would be there for days
Then i found a key
I hoped it opened the bathroom because I had to pee
But even better,I got a gun
So i shot that pig,and man it was fun
But i still needed to escape
Then i saw someone with a cape
I asked him how to leave
He gave the key and I didn’t believe it
I could escape
I said thanks to the man with a cape.



chapter (1) - Electronic (195) - ipiggy (1) - song (157)


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