When you think of me
Are we in your car in the parking garage
Saying things I knew would hurt
When you think of me
Are you on the couch while I’m walking out
Saying this will never work
I gave you every reason to resent me
But there was more to us than just the ending

When you think of me I hope you find
A little good, a silver line
I know I couldn’t give you what you need
But I hope when you look back at the memories
You smile when you think of me

When you think of me
I hope you go back to the summer we had
Full of Jamba Juice, city views and motown
Remember the walk in the park you hanging on my arm
When I love you just fell out
I didn’t regret it then
And I don’t regret it now

Give me a little bit of grace
And know that I gave you everything I had
I hope it ain’t all bad



COUNTRY (278) - Folk (265) - World (299)


  1. Christina

    June 19, 2021 at 9:49 am

    Lyrics are beautiful.

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