Yeah watch out watch out I’m all in your girl mouth I from the north I’m not from the south shout out to the game Shadow to LaSalle play with me honey shots hit your miles to that n**** to watch out and I got two Glocks call me Tupac RP Big Pop punish October City I don’t cap cuz what’s in it got your girl and I’m in a tinted window honey shots and hit you with your chin sophono run up on me you get blown osono got your girl and she suck on so so blah blah funding round drum on this photo and I promised Metro noodle Street yeah yeah yeah yep yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah I’m going to block a hundred round drum everybody ain’t dumb I keep me a drumstick Nintendo’s you know I won’t fold cuz sugar see a hole and I’m on the Block and I keep that stick but I’ll call it pole cuz it’s cold. Pol play we get Frozen and I’m on the dope do you know I’ll tell her up on me and you should get boat Yoshi get broke I got the girl and she’s so good though he’s got dope I’m going to block a shot awesome people that got to go out you want to bring me swear to God you can cha I’m going to block I feel so goddamn empty I fear go wrong tip me big bully Holt Austin me to give it a real real on keeping it real life get tough in getting rid of I don’t know how to feel swallowing all these pills don’t try to make a deal I wonder why I wonder why you let’s touch the sky pull up on the Block cuz I see through your Tapia you know it’s me when it’s Josh and I keep the two to three ya told gun and you know Daddy 400 drama have for my gun and then 101 if you could the drums pom pom pom pom pom play with the game that you could have slumped kids killing


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