I walk alone
Each day is new for me
I’m not sure when I get there
To be close to you

My way is dark
Full of blocks
My life is empty
But I got luck of find you

In this road without end
Everything that I’m passing has only begun
Closing my eyes I feel your kiss
But if I don’t, I’m in Hell

Where I walk don’t has light
And my life passes like a movie in front of my eyes
I remember our moments
And I die cause I’m not with you

At the horizon of this dark road
I see your eyes
They show me my way
And don’t make me feel alone

Can you hear me?
Can you hear me in this place?
Because all that I want
Is see your face

If I could have you near me
I would give everything
Just for a day
Just for a moment

Here my dreams don’t exist
My best moments were erased
My life is being reduced
But my love for you stills in my mind



Dark (11) - Road (13) - Rock (521) - Walking (5)


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