Sorrow is all I own
Got hold of me so tight
Sleep is just a memory
Gone and run out on my night
I been waiting all day for morning
I think the sun forgot the light

I spend all of my days
Feeling like I’m gonna drown
Grief from this broken heart
Drag me under pull me down
Though I wished on every star
You ain’t coming back around

One of these days I’ll let you go
One of these days stop missing you so
One of these days hurt gonna end
Until then I’ll be standing
On uneven ground

I ain’t got no tears
You gonna have to cry for me
Cause I ain’t got far to fall
I’m already on my knees
Lovers don’t give hearts back
They just break them when they leave


  1. Marshall

    June 26, 2021 at 7:04 am

    Very meaningful ..

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