Filtered down through the stream
On the west coast of our mind
Thinking its alright

The view
Drew the fingers everyday
And the morning sun will rise
And we’ll check it out

Life is all rough or rags yeah
And your lies are so damn sad
I know that you’re the one
Over the seasons we’ve been freezing
And your life off for free
I know that you’re insane

And low
I scrimp and stamp in heat alone
And the way I feel about it doesn’t feel enough

And then
We give him all our money
And I think you tell everyone
That its alright

I’ve been thinking about the weekend
Its a feeling like to be dear
I know that you’re insane

You’ve been thinking about the rush dear
In your life all a crush dear
I know that you’re the one

Yeah you’re the one
And we’ll come undone
Come undone
Yeah you
You’re the one
Yeah yeah yeah
do do do
Let’s go


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