( INTROOOO ) ‘ you know tysheria in dis bitch ( what ) and i’ll get witchu in dis bitch ( what huh ) what you got a issue in dis bitch keep talking all dat shit watch I dismiss you in dis bitch

( VERSEEEE ) ‘ bitches talkin like dey big but they be pickin and choosin
‘ ion fucc around wid deez bitches ion like how dey movin ‘
‘ bitches @ me on dey gram I dont reply cause I got em told det nigga he so tow up cause yo bitch a whole bottom ‘ ( bounce that ass )
‘ tell that nigga get his bitch because ion re-sick wit deez bitches ‘
‘ dont give a fucc bout a nigga I woe him out dem im dippin ‘
‘ told that nigga im really like det but I dont speak on what I do ‘
‘ but you can ask det hoe from skylar how that black bess went through ‘
‘ you bitches reading shit waddup you gotta prove it to me ‘
‘ yea i be thuggin in dat field but I still throw down dem threes ‘
‘ im on go bout you imma go as soon as I feel disrespected ‘
‘ yea you talkin all dat shit but cant name a hoe that den checked me ( naw ) ‘
‘ if i beat up on yo bitch I got a friend on her people ( period ) ‘
‘ stoopid bitch steady talkin like waddup i’ll meet you ‘
‘ if you aint bout it why you talkin bitch waddup whats the wave ( waddup ) ‘
‘ I den threw back me a ball and I been floating for days ( AHHHHHHH ) ‘
‘ Im really wid it bitch you wid it come on hoe and come prove it ( waddup ) ‘
‘ big or small ,tall or short fucc allat we can do it ‘
‘ ion never scream a name that I aint never had picked ‘
‘ ion know why deez bitches mad cause ion do deez hoes shit ( what I do tho ) ‘
‘ you can catch me in dat town or you can pull up in dat wood ‘
‘ you can catch me in da ghoster im always postin like wasguud ‘
‘ I aint never been a hoe but I been fuckin on yo bitch ‘
‘ see how deez bitches steady talkin like I wont bat em in dey shit ‘
‘ I got these bitches they be wit it ‘
‘ all my hoes really thuggin ‘
‘ when we step up in the club we on go and we buckin ‘
‘ we see dem hoes in in the corner steady looking n muggin ( they aint bout shit tho ) ‘
‘ but dem bitches fuccin stoopid them hoes aint gon tell us nun ‘
‘ I told da DJ turn da beat up put these hoes on dey feet ‘
‘ im real cocky as a bitch cant no hoe f*ck wit me ‘
‘ and if I tell you hoes waddup you betta put up yo sack ‘
‘ cause if I feel lucky in dis bitch one of you hoes gon get jacked ‘
‘ see dat lil nigga that you fuccin oh dat bitch at my neck ‘
‘ and I aint givin him no play if he aint givin dat check ‘
‘ I heard a bitch fucc wit my nigga but just know I aint trippin ‘
‘ he just fuccin on you bitch cause he dont like how I aint listening ‘
‘ I aint beefin wit no bitch about a nigga das mine ‘
‘ I aint arguing wit no bitch cause das a whole waste of time ‘
‘ I heard a bitch say she dont like me tell dat bitch fall in line ‘
‘ and bitch I dont bother with dat bullshit so dont be calling me yo slime ‘
‘ I got my people innis bitch and all my people real messy ‘
‘ dont give a fucc of what it is bitch we make our own section ‘
‘ all my bitches real bhad and all my bitches love flexin ‘
‘ dont get whopped innis bitch for friendly bopping and chessin ‘
‘ yea luh bitch I like to fight I like to step I like to beat shit ‘
‘ whoop a bitch to sleep fucc yo gang and who you be wit ‘
‘ got a shooter das gon go and put yo ass on a tee quick ‘
‘ and bitch my name tysheria ‘



Darshae (1) - Gmix (1) - Hip Hop (608) - Tear (2) - Tysheria (1)


  1. Celine

    March 26, 2021 at 1:47 pm

    Very romantic.

  2. Joe

    May 12, 2021 at 7:46 pm

    I love song “baby” and song yummy.

  3. Lucas

    May 26, 2021 at 4:50 am

    When you realize she singing in English.

  4. Clarissa

    June 18, 2021 at 2:08 pm

    Thanks for lyrics.

  5. Cameron

    July 9, 2021 at 6:17 am

    This means a lot to me

  6. Callum

    August 10, 2021 at 2:03 pm

    Great thanks

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