on a hot July night
you stopped to write
me a love song in the sand
place with endless blue skies
love never dies
I’d be the queen of this magnificent land
such a beautiful dream
I wanted to believe
get lost forever in your dance
but words are just letters
loosely held together
by the hopefulness of romance

forever is for diamonds
and poets like you
happy ever after lasts as long
as a rainbow in June
I’ve tried to pretend
this story won’t end
but they always do
one true love is as rare
as a true blue moon

you can beg me to forget
misunderstandings and regret
ask me not to tear two hearts apart
well I’m sad but I’m not sorry
this Cinderella story
is just school girls counting petals in the dark


you can love me love me not
just know that I did
we may not have Paris
oh at least we have Madrid
there’s no looking back
but here’s to looking at you kid


Blue (10) - COUNTRY (238) - Folk (228) - moon (8) - True (5) - World (245)


  1. Zain

    January 15, 2021 at 6:00 pm

    Thanks for the lyric.

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