Cries at faith
I have touched these hands and held this face only to give you more
My head is rumbling through these city streets I’m stumbling
You can’t even catch me when I fall, do you even f*cking care at all?
Never seems like seconds when forever ends today
Let me
Pull that trigger, make sure to get it all in your mouth
Once I kissed your eyes so blue
And once I kissed your hand to say I forgive you
But sever that fate
Ones who love you never feel the pain of those who need you
I just want to wait for the world you hold so true
To feel real again and be with me again
Look into a sky of burned out stars for a promise that cries million miles away
This silhouetting dancer slips on dying roses carved out of clay
A little finger prick from a thorn that leaves my body numb and torn
A cold crumbling thought fell down to it’s knees as if only to say
Only to say, I want to say
Make sure you get it all in your mouth



Electronic (195) - mouth (2) - Trigger (3)


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