Kay-Kay tell em how your life is as a youngster.

Reckless, I used ta run with N.W.A.A.S. but now Im slanged in the meanwhile, daily I always come up and make sure 3 punks ain’t running up, I used ta ran my gang so undercover I called a girl a hoe name man I ain’t no lover I’m a pimp, looking for the dollars at 12 I started a group name N.W.A.A.S. we was running from the police, I can blast through 8 walls and girls say men are dogs well they’re bitches, so you know who I am and if you don’t like it I really don’t give a damn.

Kay-Kay didn’t you break into a house so how did you do it?

Go to a window lift it up slow cuz it takes timing look around then climb in, once inside starts takin cuz it’s no time for shakin, get what you wanna get front and center will get five years for breaking in enter, move quickly but no running, if you hear the front door key then flee out the back with some jewelry, wipe ur sweat cuz that was a close call, get ganked by me is a lesson so is there any more questions.

Yes, have you ever done a 211, if so tell us how to rob?

Walk inside a store in case the joint, one man behind the counter another in the back go to the car and load the gak, then grab a ski mask there’s a task go in broke come out with cash.

Do you have to be slick?

Yeah I told Rolo to leave the car runnin, walk in say this is a robbery, fill the bag homeboy don’t lag we want money & candy & a bag of zig zags, the man in the back will have a camera he might come out to test your stamina, run back to the car and say punch it take the gun then dump it, I steal from the rich and hang with the poor, It don’t matter to me I feel like nobody is badder than me, cuz I’m not a nice guy.

OK, what do you think about yourself?

I’m bad and bold you can’t get with this if you try you on my hit list, no more so I can end this song.

Wait what’s your real height?

Too much questions!

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