The senator sits at the Terras Hotel
Nervously drinking champagne
His sunglasses read what the newspaper tells
About his latest campaign
He’s so afraid to go out in the streets
He’s got a sword-stick hidden in his cane
People laugh and wave flags as he greets
But he knows the danger remains

The man with the black leather violin-case
Is feeding pigeons in the park
His sunglasses hide, in his eyes there’s a blaze
He’s angry and his future is dark
An hour ago he looked in the eyes
Of someone he’s planning to kill
For this kind of job you don’t have to be wise
The only thing one needs is the will

A black shiny car slowly rolls by
The crowd is happy and gay
The senator smiles, but inside he cries
It’s a role he just has to play
Victory lies at the end of the lane
In the White House he will be safe
A bullet explodes inside his brains
There goes a man, he was brave

The man with the black violin-case
Is running away in the heat
Ten thousand fingers he sees in a haze
Then finally he falls from his feet
A minute ago he looked in the eye
Of someone who didn’t know why
People wanted him to be a disguise
But he couldn’t, had to die

Tomorrow in the papers, tonight on TV
Make sure everyone can see
Tomorrow in the papers, tonight on TV
It’s the senator but it could have been me
Or you!



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