I’ve given all I have to you
This giving is all I’ve ever been able to do
Shudder at the thought of ever being without
Untouched by the lies, the hurt and the doubt
Today always makes tomorrow look so much easier
And I can’t stop, the way I feel at my leisure
Could you ever once look at me
And see that I’m forever with you
And see that earth and sky
Is not so much unlike you and I
To meet you again for the first time
To kiss you again for the first time
I’m always searching for
That something new, that something you
But for the first time I know
That something has always been you
Together we are
Please know in your heart and soul
That forever we will always be
I’m always searching for that something new, that something you
And I’m always searching for you
You’re sick



Electronic (195) - KISS (8)


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