It was lavender on the pillow case filled the air in our bedroom
It was cinnamon on my toast
It was the smell of her perfume
And those 1000 other little things that made this house a home
You don’t know what you got til its gone

That was azure blue
She painted on the wall
I never knew blue had a name
And those were marigolds in her flower bed I’ll be damned
A feller oughta be ashamed
OhI never paid attention
Til my little bird had flown
You don’t what you got till it’s gone be

Til it’s Gone
And that trains long down the track
Til it’s Gone
Where it ain’t ever comin back
Every fool figures out
What any fool shoulda known
You don’t know what got
Til it’s gone
Til it’s Gone

Til your hammerin’
And chiselin’
Those lonely words in stone
You don’t know what you got
Boy I tell you what
You don’t what you got til it’s Gone



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