They Stood True – Redeemed Quartet Lyrics


by Ben Duncan / Nate Duncan / BMI

1. Shadrach Meshach and Abednego in a foreign land,
When the crowd knelt to the idol,
They boldly took their stand
Not afraid of the evil king or the fiery furnace flames,
Where others would have buckled
Their faith in God remained

They stood true,
When there was nothing left to do
They held their ground
When no Earthly help was found
They knew the Lord,
And they depended on His Word
When there was nothing left to do,
They looked to God and
They stood true

2. Daniel knelt to pray each day to the Lord in a foreign land
The evil men around him tried to criticize this man
Standing still in faithfulness he faced the lions den
When all he had was Jesus, old Daniel would not bend

3. Stephen stood for Jesus and he boldly preached the word
All the scoffing Pharisees despised the truth they heard
They stoned the fearless preacher as he lifted up his eyes
Jesus stood to welcome him at the Father’s side!

When there was nothing left to do,
And no rescue was in view
When the world said they were through
They looked to God and
They stood true!

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