Leafy the only yung nigga that really was rappin and clappin’ the same time
And when the opps’ slid down with they whistle and blew
Then I knew it was game time
Nowadays, I feel like I can’t call niggas my brother unless we got the same mom
I held a glock and I upped at a opp’
And I read the Quran with the same palm
I seen them tears on the face of a killer
They murdered my nigga I wanna see red
I told his Ummi that we ain’t gon go around looking for justice I want him dead
I’m be getting the sleep tht I’m ‘uppose
I know that this is the life that I chose
I pray allah bless the opps’ soul
I’ma keep spilling they blood on they clothes
I had to wind them killers up
Oh I’m scarred Allah, heal us up
We couldn’t eat they was havin a feast
And them niggas ain’t offer to fill us up
I was one in the trenches I was the one at the bottom I had to grind
And I remember when ummi was looking for me
‘Til I called her like I’m at the pond
And you don’t know what they took from me
I saw the devil he looked funny
And I ain’t listen wen they told me stay out the streets
BC them niggas made good money
‘Member when we used to look bummy
I let 2 pawns take a rook from me
I left outta class I remember OG gave me gas
And took all my books from me
I threw the clip at this nigga I’m sick of this nigga
Ain’t check out he still breathing
And the opps’ said we at war BC they rich
And we poor but we know the real reason
We don’t show mercy so wait ’til I empty this 30 nigga I’m still squeezing
We give him hell I know he ain’t gon’ make it heaven
We make him a real demon
My life busy, my hands full
Still putting killers out on the dance floor
If I respected a rat that would be going against everything I stand for
Life ain’t a game what you playing for
I went and took wat I was praying for
It ain’t no reason for me missing out on Salat
I need to start praying more
I fell asleep in the trap
No heat so I sleep in my jacket holding my ratchet
I wear my all black dickies and I got my all black glizzy on so It can match it
And my lil’ bro got a daughter
He can’t even touch her in prison his visits through glasses
They tryna charge him for murder the f*ck they gon’ prove it
The niggas that did it had masks
I had to grind for real
Ran off on the line for real
Now he don’t trust me
I put that WD-40 all over the .40 ’cause my lil’ shorty got rusty
Brody be catching them bodies like it’s raining hot
Lil’ nigga getting husky
I had to sleep in a dickie I was feeling sticky that coke had me smelling musty
Niggas ain’t give me a quarter not even a bottle of water
When we was thirsty, Brody said that he started killing the day that he touched the glock
I think that it cursed me
I had to run from the cops ’cause I had my glock
I knew that he was gon’ search me
I done wrote songs for bitches
But I never apologized to the woman that birthed me
I was addicted to painkillers
Shooter for real I ain’t paying killers
When we sliding we look for the main killers
All these rap niggas self proclaimed killers
Man them niggas forgot about me then them niggas forgot me again them niggas forgetful
Sometimes I look in the sky and I get to talking to Jah
Wish I was with you
I tried to give my yung nigga the game but
He looked in my eyes said he’d rather a pistol
Niggas tryna give me advice I’ma take off my sneakers
And tell ’em tell me if they fit you
You might not feel it when they tell you that
Ya lil’ nigga got dropped
But it’s gon’ hit you my shooter work like a Uber I give him the drop
Get ready he coming to get you
One of my yung niggas sleep in the fire
They killed my dawg but he killed niggas prior
I never beg for the work
I’m the one that’ll put on my mask and rob the supplier
I raise my hand and I tell them
I’m about of the truth they know I’ma liar
I used to drink me a coffee
I used to smoke on the blacks so I could get higher
I really slept on old floors I don’t wanna go back to that no more
Ummi said is you crazy baby I told you don’t never be stressing bout no whore
And I pray to allah like oh lord
How the f*ck I’ma offer I’m so Torah
And I know the feeling to be broke don’t wanna know the feeling to be rich and go poor

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