I wake up 6:30 every morning without a care in the world
I get ready, buy a cheap iced coffee on my way to the metro oooh
Catch the one train, crap it’s delayed
Serves me right, I procrastinate
It’s alright though, I couldn’t have known

When I get home, I pick up my fender
Those 88 keys always make me feel better
If I need a line, I’ll pick up a Webster
Like a bass drum, I bounce back whenever

That’s the way I roll
*mouth trumpet solo*
Music in my soul

Somos el sicarios
La líricias es mi arma en el barrio
La musique est la même dans toutes les langues
C’est essentiel dans ce monde
Escuchamos la musica equivocada
Ma puoi ascoltare questa la ragazza
Fame chasing rappers with multiple women
Have the audacity to call themselves musicians
Cussing druggies who flaunt all there money
I find really funny

that’s the way I roll
*mouth trumpet solo*
music in my soul

Peché sosteniamo le persone senza talento?
Por que consentimos?
I’m not here for the fame
Just to take sound back
Pop we shall not maim so I played and
Wrote everything on this track

that’s way I roll
music in my soul
writing each lyric has me in control
I don’t do this to cash in
my music has passion
And I keep that goal
That’s the way I roll

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