He picked up his Saxophone and held it to his side
He blew the keys to clear them out,His thoughts he could not hide
He said just four days short of 60 years of married bliss she died
Two weeks as a single man how would he survive?

He said she was the only girl who ever shared his bed,
Loved her dear before and since the day that they were wed,
He called her name the other night but there was no reply Now its’ just his saxophone that keeps his world alive
And he played, and he played and he played, and I cried

The notes he played were clear and strong he blew us all away
For a man of nearly 80 years, Oh my how he could play
Jazz, Blues, Ragtime, Rock, Latin, Folk and Pop,
He played them like he’d composed them all, He didn’t want to stop
His appearance changed when he blew that sax to a man of youthful days,
Like magic from a genie’s lamp, He played with style and grace
His face lit up his back was straight, his aged fingers quick,
His eyes were bright, his lungs were strong, and he didn’t miss a lick
And he played, and he played and he played, in perfect time

When the music stopped at evening’s end and we put our things away,
I couldn’t help but notice there, inscribed upon his case
Play this the way you love me dear and I will always be,
Close to you lips and in your arms just play and you will see
It was there that I understood the value of a gift,
It warms the heart of the one who gives imparts their soul a lift
But it’s at the point when the one who takes that the gift is given birth, When the love and thought is recognized the gift is given worth
And he played, and he played and he played, and I smiled

When I went home that night I thought about the man
And the sax he played with passion, And how it all began
And I realized that a gift of love gives much more than some hype, It gives the gift of keeping on, It gives the gift of life

And he played, and he played and he played, in my mind
In my mind
In my mind
Oh how he played, in my mind


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