How did you find me here?
I thought I was in the clear.
Sneaking from tree to tree,
I had a feeling you were following me.

And all around me it seemed as though the world would rain.
I try to find a safe place using a broken weathervane.
And I was running with my heart beating like a train.
I never once claimed to be sane.

I look around to escape the air,
And in the corner I spot a grazing mare.
An old man tries to smash me with a chair,
He sure gave me a scare.

I ‘m thinking perhaps I should have ran,
But out walks a girl with the nicest tan.
The old man asked me what I think of his girlfriend Sam,
I tell him, “She’s a wonderful man!”

And so he grabs a rope and ties it to a tree,
He looks at me and tells me, “No you’re gonna swing!”.
“First you try to steal my horse from me,
And now you insult my chickadee!”

Locked in the barn awaiting my doom,
What this room could use is a painting, and a broom.
Soon it’ll be high noon,
And I’ll be flying past the moon…

Hark I hear a timid knock at the door!
It’s the damsel, in mind I was hoping it was Al Gore.
She said, “Why did you make the old man angry to the core?”
Because I wanted to even the score.

And so she untied me and took me by the hand,
She showed me how to sneak around the trees and the sand.
We went away, far away to a foreign land,
Oh ho, it was so grand!

And so the two lovers ran through the woods as fast as they could, hand in hand without looking back through the dismal path, to escape the old man’s wrath. Excited with laughter as they escape and live, happily ever after.

© 2020 Minoan Music


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