Seldom cut this far to mend
Rumors have it made
Now they’re what you are

Fear your rubber room again
Nothing changes hands
Fear turns to black

And it’s safe to say
Elvis died alone
And no one cares

If only love kept the receipt (softened human)
How they love their misery
Burned and tattered at the seams
With no one wincing

It’s best when watered down
‘Nurse said take it all
To have a better day
Broken, faded, gone

I never seem to practice
I’d rather care as I should (breathe out)
My soul’s a piece of driftwood
Has the problem filled the feelings?
The finial, childish event (just assume)
Take pity in those who help you
Gold weight this broken defeat
Fucking tame the music
My allegiance turned to protest
Tension held with presents
Finial air to covet
You sorrow a depression
Life crumbles in the washer
Cold away to finishing
Go away; the meanings
Can’t fucking mean the meaning,
Pain enforcing med’s (breathe out)
Bury me before she consumes
Ever-tow the vengeance
Carry away the, throw, in meaning
(Breathe out)
The soul is so, e luring
Meth has method, mentioned
Death has left me hungry

So alone
Sorrow moaned
So I owned

Will your death make pictures?
Fucking loud inceptions!
Loving out infection
I’m without affection
Global, cheap, and doubtful
Not to keep this going
Friends are not worth noise
No one really loves
Man-kind will refuse
Self-routine of feelings…


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