(Who made this sh*t?)
(TayTay made the beat)
XO, yeah
Ayy, tell me when you ready

[Verse 1]
I ain’t lettin’ ’em talk how they wanna
Kill ’em, they try to play me
Hustlin’, got plenty paper
Try to take it, I’m gon’ knock somethin’ off
Smokin’ on paper, keepin’ my mind on murder
f**k dissin’, we tryna catch the b*t*h in person
That’s when it goes down
Ain’t no pick and choose
We don’t ever lose, we known to break the rules
Put that stick on dude
Now them n***as screamin’ they gon’ stretch me too
Blow his mind soon as that b*t*h go boom
Life designed, we don’t leave no clues
You want my name, I want your hat
So what the f**k you wanna do?

I’m puttin’ ’em straight on the news
Them choppers screamin’ like ooh
I’m puttin’ ’em straight on the news, yeah


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