The Greatest Story Ever Told – Tropical Fuck Storm  Lyrics

The good news I bring you is this: Your captivity is over

[?] now I’m back in town
Raising your standards ain’t gonna save you now
[?] always ends in tears
[?] like gonorrhoea
Yeah you’ve gotta keep it simple stupid there ain’t no free lunch
The bigger they are the harder that they punch
[?] crazy schemes
[?] in between
Now I’m back downtown to come down off the cross
Somewhere out there it’s surely 5 o’clock

Hey, hey, hey nobody listens to me anyway
I’m saying there ain’t no end of days
This ain’t the middle ages
There’s no grails, there’s no safe bets
What you see’s what you get

Hey, hey, hey nobody listens to me anyway, now
There ain’t no happy end
No matter how hard you pretend
Just keep on running, running off your mouth
And see how that works out for you

When I, I said I loved ya’s I was lying it ain’t true
So do to others as I do to you
I’ve come undone before I got to bid you farewell
The truth is out there, I’ll see ya’s in hell

  1. Syed

    March 11, 2022 at 2:44 am

    I liked it.

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