Am i too young to think ’bout my sins,
I know im not the angel with the broken wings,
But i wanna know why do i cry.
Every time I hurt someone or tell a lie.
Is it cause im broken on my own?
I don’t want to but i have to stay alone.
In order to keep those who i love the most.
Is that the price,is that the cost?

I don’t want to be loved,i wanna be respected
Cause everytime i loved,I got rejected.
Cold is hearth but my head is colder,
Is that the feeling when ur getting older?
Hearth has no price,but its being cheap,
Wanna fall asleep,I just can’t up it keep.
Just don’t wanna take it no more,
Begging for help,knees are on floor.

Give me some time,give me some space,
Is live just an ethernal race where you
Are chasing after money,isn’t it funny
How someone made a game that you have to play,
You are not the player,you are the dummy,
Game with no cheats,game with no clues,
After you win,do you win or loose?
If you win you get to the higher level
Where you won’t see the devil,won’t get the medal.
But if you loose, you get a little lower,
Can’t restart,the game is over,
No other chance,there is no replay for
Being the player who wanted to play
Thats the price you have to pay.


  1. Jessica

    July 16, 2021 at 4:32 pm

    This songs drive me crazy! Pure Nostalgia!! Sweeps out the boredom in this quarantine life.

  2. Charity

    April 16, 2022 at 5:16 am

    Very meaningful ..

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