It’s the coolest of the coolest it’s the smoothest of the smoothest it’s the crudest and the rudest of the stuiped kids
Mr Vicuous with his mistress blowing kisses to his mistress and mistress blowing riches like some holigans I wasn’t trippin I was just listening to these women when they sippin on them juices they say “Jaden yeah he’s to legit” and I’ll be flippin cuz they slippin and they dippin in the pool they saying pool and they be druling cuz I super rich I might be trippin but I’m livin how I’m livin I’m 14 I’ll be forgivin so forget it bro I’m moving in and I don’t care how you be getting all offended cause I’m taking all them women well I’m sorry bro I do it big so just listen when I’m spittin it’s the realist that you gettin in these rittin if you messing with these two big kids but if you isn’t thn forget cause I didn’t mean to push you if you want it and you need it girl then come and get it yeah

The coolest

I’m the leader of the leaders on the leader boards we be winning when I’m spitting i don’t need the score I just eat ya like a cheetah and it’s getting boring spitting bars check the blogs if you need some more MSFTS in this man what’s the deal me, moi yeah metel yeah that’s the triol bout to get up on stage cause we feeling ill chilling with eboni crew depend up all on how I feel yeah cause the youth is taking over baby you can cry up on my shoulder sixers season ticket holder and my flows are only getting colder and I told yer click that there’s no other please you ain’t messing with my C’s in the suburbs getting beats from ACE everyone knows that’s my brother and teachers tell me walk but I really rather hover in the jam feast

The coolest

It’s the wanna be getto kid yes I’m bout to love a weirdo all of my homeies all of my fellows it’s crazy man you messing with the MSFTS man i dount that we gon settle it that’s because lately Iv’e been sipping on a soda and I’m chilling with a hottie and she’s really into yoga my baby love noticed when I wrote her she kissed me on the lips every time a joker show and they see just a bunch of kids who don’t know what love is and think that we should wait until we get older ha maybe but I rather swallow throw up cause I’m chilling with my girl and I dount I’ll ever grow up but you know what they ain’t gonna slow us up we the youngest we the ones that know whats up I’m an alien my flow is so upductable consperisy never cat us up
I’m done
Good night


  1. Cadence Caitlin

    September 7, 2021 at 1:37 am

    Who is song this beautiful music during quarantine.

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