You might think that this is dirty talking, but it hides strong moral sense
Another reason to be careful…

When my body’s boiling and my mind is a wreck
And with a nervous heart I sink back in the sack
When my Willy’s aching, but she don’t give a suck
Well how about that for a Bad Luck —

A foxy fifteen or a wild twenty one
The only thing that matters is having some fun
But the Lady’s teasing, she’s not giving in
I’m as horny as hell now, let me do my thing

When I’m out on the road and I’m in for a thrill
I see a bright young Blondie I can lay down I will
I can show her my room and I can pour her some drinks
But if the kid means danger, man I tell you that stinks

I knew a sergeant’s pet, she used to ride an old bike
She was into soldiers or whatever your like
But after one too many now She got the disease
I said: “Baby, you’re gorgeous; keeep your hands off of me please

I’ll never get used to making love with a dread
My mama just told me, “son, you may end up dead”
It’s alright to kiss now, to dance or to hug
But, baby, be careful for the Bad Luck —



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