What is this energy that’s drawin’ us together?
I want to hold it and feel it and know that it’s forever

And who makes my heart skip a couple beats?
When I find myself singin’ and dancin’ in the streets

And why do these thoughts of joy come into mind?
It’s the craziest thing and it happens every time

Oh, I question and question why I’m so happy and it’s true
And all I keep thinkin’ is that the answer is you

The answer is you
The answer is you
The answer is you (my baby)
The answer is you

The answer is you when I see the sun
When I kiss your lips when the mornin’ comes

And when I think of you throughout the day
When everything’s right and seems to go my way

And into the night with the stars up above
When I hold you close and know that we’re in love (‘Cause)


And who make me laugh and smile when their silly?
And cry on my shoulder at a sad movie?

And who’s my friend and someone to rely on?
In times of doubt, who’s helpin’ me to stay strong?

And who’s got dreams for a future together?
And just makes life better and better?

(Chorus x 3)


  1. Chaya

    August 7, 2021 at 9:44 pm

    I miss the “O” smell that I never knew.

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