I feel you did this to break me up
I’m in two pieces shattering
I know it’s crazy
but I still love you
please tell me it’s not true
hard to forget when it feels new
I feel I should have knew
My heart feeling empty
Hear it scream
Why’d you leave me
I can’t imagine you gone
Was a just a toy for you
You play with me in the end
This doesn’t feel right to me
My soul feels empty
My heart feels broken
I feel so open
I’m just hopen
You would change
My heart’s in range
Everything you told me
Was it all just lies
Like are relationship
All my misplaced tastes
Shall put me in my place
I’ll learn from my mistakes
I learned and see reason
I’ll do as I please
Even though you let me down
I will not leave town
Know you don’t need me
No, I’m never coming back
No second rounds with you
I’m on the rebound
No need for rewinding
It’s my time, I’m unwinding
There’s no need to tell me true
You see
I don’t need thee
I will not flee
It’s okay I’m no longer hurting
You can see my glee
I thank you for leaving
I’m sure that you agree
I found myself again
Taught me to believe
I needed to lose you
So I could find myself
Now I thank you dearly
For you had set me free
So I thank thee gleefully


  1. Carina

    April 11, 2021 at 4:58 pm

    Very romantic lyrics 🙂 Thanks

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