Tatoo loveeeeeee
Fake loveeeeeeee
Tatoo loveeeeeee
Is fake loveeeeee

When we make that love
She screaming on my drug
She like her name on her tatoo
I bet her is fake love
When I was in the west
She don’t show me love
Now she see me everywhere
Her face is up
She lace on my drug
I put her on the Molly
Now she screaming on my body
She ride in that taji
I took her to some Molly
Now she coming baby
Am like baby f*ck you
I don’t see no body
Yeah girl

It’s tatoo loveeeee
That fake loveeeeee
Baby is tatoo loveeeee
Yeah I call her that fake loveeeeee ohhh

When my pocket was empty
She don’t see me no more
Now she me see me dropping hit
I bet she wanna come
I give them back to back
I guess is fire day
When I was in the west
I guess it was just
Forest day
She lacing on my drug
She put it on her lungs
She suck me comma pop
While she screaming on my pop
She rubbing on my tips
Then I rub her on her Gucci
I Might give her pussi
Yeah I buy her I buy her Gucci

She tatoo loveeeee
Is fake loveeeeee
It’s tatoo loveeeee
I call that fake loveeeeee ohh

Baby when we f*ck
Shee riding on my name
She writing on her hips
She said Paris I love you
I know
Maris I don’t love you
You just a fake girl
You just a low level
But I might f*ck and dump you

It’s tatoo loveeeee
That’s fake loveeeeeee ohhhhh
It’s tatoo loveeeee
I called that fake loveeeee ohhh

When I was in west
She don’t show me love
Now she see me everywhere
When that condom rocking
Yeah yeah
It’s tatoo loveeeeee
It’s fake loveeeeee
I don’t see no body girl


Love (94) - Pop (459) - Tatoo (1)


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