Sweet Forgiveness – Barbra Streisand  Lyrics

[Verse 1]
4 AM, another sleepless night
Each weary word I write, a tear on the page
Here I am, asking myself again
Why does this love we’re in stay just out of reach?

Tell me why we never get the balance
Just exactly right, we scream across the distance
From our separate sides
And wonder, when did passion turn to pride?

You and I
Two lives, one heart
Believing every day
Will be the day when sweet forgiveness starts

[Verse 2]
I need you to let me stand alone
To call my life my own, yet stand by my side
I know I don’t let you know enough
Don’t let love show enough, don’t let you be strong

Oh, tell me why we never get surrender
Just exactly right, we never can remember
There’s another side
That lies between the passion and the pride

You and I
Two lives, one heart
One leap of faith away
We stay until the sweet forgiveness starts
Walls, we built these very walls
Where my shadow falls alone
And doors, between my life and yours
Open them before everything is gone
Sweet forgiveness, touch me before dawn

You and I
Two lives, one heart
We keep the dream alive
Surviving till the sweet forgiveness starts 

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