You’re going to cut my sleeves to let all the tricks go free
Cause I don’t trust you and you damn well don’t trust me
These are the stone cold facts that no one will believe
So feed me dirty lies, to burn these bridges clean

It’s time to pull the plug and electricity
Light the candles, dripping wax is all we’ll see
No matter how many folks will walk away and leave
There’s always someone somewhere garnering loyalty

My little sun dog she’s always there when I get home
My little sun dog, she won’t judge me at the door
No matter how much trash I talk
Or evil thoughts I think
That little Sun Dog will be waiting at my feet

You don’t believe me but I’m starting to believe
You can make some pretty decent friends of your enemies
I can mess it up, you can mess it up, and we can let us down
But there’s no reason to pull the pin form the grenade now

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