Girl I love us in the winter
When you start to shiver you pull me close
And I love those May showers
We make out for hours
With the rain running down my window
Love your Easter dresses
And October drives
But girl we’re the best with
A little July sunshine

Cause there’s nothing like summer us
Mercury ain’t the only thing heating up
Sun kissed skin feeling hot to the touch
Can’t get enough of those never ending nights
Kissing in the deep end
Living every day like it’s the weekend
Stay up sleep in here we go again
Girl it’s paradise
In the summer sun
Yeah, there’s nothing like
Summer us

I love watching you watch the sky
On the fourth of July your hand in mine
Lazy days at the lake when you steal my shades
A solo cup sip with two limes
Yeah, I love you in a two piece
At tiki torch backyard parties
Yeah, there’s just something about you and me
With a little tan on our bodies

Girl I love you 3-6-5
But there’s just nothing like



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