I love you
But my heart is breaking
I’m confused
I’m aching
already open
don’t know how long I can last
When all I see is the past
I Will never last in the end
I need you
Do I need you?
I can’t see you
Do I want to be with you
I can see it’s true
Already stuck on you
Just like glue
You know it to
I’m into you
I can see the end
me and you
You know it’s true
I’m stuck on you
Just say it’s true
You love me too
It’s not new
what I feel for you
Know it’s true
I’m stuck on you
I’m so stuck to you
It’s true
It’s true
Stuck on you
Yes it’s true
No need to think
Don’t need to blink
might be a little weak
On my feet
I’m falling on my knees
lost all senses of reality
Can’t feel my legs
falling on the ground
When I see you in the crowd
Stuck to you
Just like glue
It’s only true
How I feel
Just for you
Know it’s true
I love you
It is true
I’m stuck on you



Hip Hop (608) - Stuck (2)


  1. Liam

    February 9, 2021 at 1:54 am

    Hay my name is anggraini zahra🖤

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