You smother me
And now I’m falling down again
And you never see the twisted burden that you’ve been
Well don’t bother me with that mental trip
Poor suffering child the tears you cry can make you slip
I try to sleep to grind my teeth against my bloody fist
Can I erase these years and make them so they don’t exist?
Why do you follow me and claim you’re not my enemy?
Why do you fail to see that wasted mental energy?
Why do you come?
It’s getting hard to feel the ground beneath my feet
I’m getting pulled away from what I used to be
It grabs a hold of me it dictates my authority
I’m losing gravity
With my strange reality, my strange reality
No one hears me
In my strange reality, am I strange?
Where is reality? What is reality?
My strange reality



Electronic (195) - Reality (6) - Strange (5)


  1. Luis

    July 12, 2021 at 5:13 pm

    Who just randomly came back to the song.

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