Girl you just dey make me dey kolo oh        Girl i dey kolo oh.                                             I get the money baby girla show oh o. Yeah oya show oh oh eh eh eh

Body no be fire wood 

Kini level? 

Me i can’t come and kill myself 

Kini koko (2ice) 


Oya farabale ma Jo, farabale farabale ma Jo

Yeh! Oya farabale jijo, farabale farabale jijo yeh! 

Oya give them gidem gidem bumbum (3ice) 

She dey feel me when i touch her 

But she said Amma killer

She dey wining like rihana

See her body is full of fire

If I give you one you go throwaway 

Omo you go start to dey vibrate 

O baby girl malo far away 

Every day by day we go dey shays eh

Eh eh eh

Verse2.                                                              Na so the girl just dey gimme body language 

She dey burst my brain

She dey burst my brain she dey enter my vain oh 

Like say like play

Girl you just dey make me dey kolo oh

Way you wine you dey kill me slow

Oh baby don’t stop i dey feel you uu

I get kondo wey i go give you eh eh eh

Carolina eh omoge Carolina eh 

Wetin you do me oh omoge Carolina eh eh eh 


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