(We’re Splits. Yup. *woo*)

I circle in & then out of my dirty hometown on a merry-go-round
& though I don’t eat no soy I’m a flower city boy (“’cos I’m from Brampton- get it?”)
Did I waste all of my time not trynna get it right,
out looking for a fight on Monday night?

I wrote a screenplay so i couldn’t look at your face at all.

(“Where’s the vocals?!”)

I’m trynna pull the middle block.
Here he comes fishtailing his truck.
Must have been December… I was so high that I don’t remember.
Every time we get together we fall apart- tried to record these vocals but we missed a whole part
(can we just loop it?)

So don’t come close- watch your eyes (‘cause Mars Volta)
Why’d you put those plugins on?
“‘Cause I want to”
Fair enough.
I’m a grouch, you’re so nice. We get along just fine.
We still talk from time to time. We’re still friends, we’re Splits for life.

When you gonna look outside?
Drawn to trash like moths to light.
I’m sure I’ll be alone tonight- I don’t care if you’re not there though.
I don’t wanna feel this way. Nothing meaningful to convey.
Feeling like I’m led astray… but you’re not wrong though, I’m irresponsible.

I’m trynna be a little sane even though to some I seem the same.
I’m trynna age like a fine wine (there is a fine line between me and taking the blame).
I’m trynna be a solid enough person, contain inside my head what I have learned and stand up more for what I believe (even if it’s paranoid conspiracies).

I forgot what it was like to have somebody on your side.
I thought I’d do this all my life, I thought it’d be the same and only names would change but nah.
Now I want it all immortalized. I only ever want to turn back time.
I think i’ll ink myself with ‘Splits for life’ is that crazy? I miss the paradise.

(Alright are we doin’ uh ‘Skin’ then? Yeah)

The streetlights illuminate peace signs and human faces, wet darts and bloodied latex.
& I want to stop time and wait at a stop light (and keep sleeping outside).

since high school we’re inside

(maybe that was my imagination)

  1. Edward

    May 3, 2021 at 4:30 am

    Whoever reads this, you are healed, you are loved!…

  2. Samantha

    July 18, 2021 at 9:37 pm

    She clearly sounds like a female…? What are all u on people?

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