I shut my door
As my dad screamed
I’d turn the music high
So I wouldn’t listen
I wondered why
He never wanted me happy
I prayed for a new family
A new father
Hoping everything would change
Everything would get better
The older I got the worse he got
Why didn’t he want me happy
Why did he scream so
Why did he hurt me
Did he care
Why was he always so angry
Why would he not change
Why was he so mean
I always shut that door
Hoping music would take me in
Bring me to a new life
A much better world
Why was he so mean
I tried not listening
But his words still got through
Still shattering me
I tried telling myself
They were just lies
Not so sweet lies
I still shattered
Why were you so mean
Why were you so rude
Did you have to be so crude
I wished oh so many times
But you would never leave
Finally, I’m safe
Now that I am gone
Now that you are gone
I’m better of than ever
Sometimes though I still ask
Why were you so mean

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