So Long

Been counting sheep for a living
Waiting around the phone
Holding my breathe
Til’ my consciousness, finally leaves me alone

I pace around the corner store
Hiding from January
The goodbyes are bad, the comfort is dead
This part always stings real good

So long
So long
Are two words I’ll forever choke on
So long

Erase the X’s, erase the O’s
Sick of the tic tack toe
All of this heart stuff, feels too so tack
Like the crap in the dollar store

So keep my tab open
For this winter
Wish I was still at your old haunt
I’ll burn up the road
I’ll swallow the snow
To get back where we left off

…but for now

Still, All the salt
In all of the dead sea
All the blisters on my feet
All of singapores money
All of paris’ beauty
All the drinks in Milwaukee
All of the doubts about
heaven or hell now
All the miles on the 73’
Couldn’t take you away from me


  1. Callum Williams

    October 19, 2021 at 5:31 am

    Thanks a bunch.

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