Pride everybody’s got it for the hometown team
Friday nights
Under lights Add up to everything
So when the boys Got drunk
At the afterparty
Left a nice girl crying
And nobody’s sorry
They can’t fumble
as long as they’re chasing that division 1 dream

Around here what goes around
Don’t come back around
You could scream out loud
But it wont make a sound
Cause when nobody’s listening
The truth can’t come out
Ashes to ashes They don’t fall down
Cause no one judges sinners in a small town

Envy All the girls in school wishing they were the one
Dancing in his arms
For the second year at the senior prom
But they’ve gotten really good
At cover up
From all the times
He’s gotten a little too rough
And no ones
Gonna call the cops on the sheriffs son

Mess up go to church hit your knees
repent repeat x2


  1. Luciano

    July 1, 2021 at 1:56 pm

    Excellent words.

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