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Seven Million* - Cordae - ENLyrics


Seven Million* – Cordae Lyrics

Yeah, yeah, yeah
Huh, huh

Last year, I made seven million, didn’t have to do a single fuckin’ show
Shoutout to my niggas up at Coca-Cola for the check they cut me at the Super Bowl
All my life moments is a super roll, been like Dr. Dre, he got a super boat
Last night, I was textin’ Jack Dorsey, that’s the perks you get for being super dope
This is real life, ain’t no actin’ it, all these rap niggas, they be rappin’ (Uh)
Every little thing I do is mad different, got my lil’ cousin playin’ badminton
Gave my lil’ bro a quick fifty-piece, he got the whole motherfuckin’ trap hittin’
I was stackin’ up all these assets, [can’t be cooked up in any bad men ?]
Like woah, hey, I keep that drip on me
My nigga, I’m big homie
Hey, I can’t ever slip, homie
My momma might flip on me
Like woah, hey, drop-top coupe in the motherfuckin’ summer, I rest my case
Like woah, hey, all of they [?] with every single breath I take

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