(INTRO TALK)Yeah you know, we all got that one, late night rendezvous
You know we don’t call til about 2. 130 on the weekdays, ya dig
Yeah i text baby when i walk right in the club. you know what i’m saying
Ya dig, just in case it’s looking a little light, you know?
Yeah, i just hit her with the OMW, ya feel me, i’m on my way out
Like the young niggas do. You know? i’m on my way. Get that thing ready? Ya Feel me?
And baby no, i won’t be contacting you nowhere before 1 am

2 o clock in, the morning, and i’m zoning
Got it in at the club and now we horny
Hit my number one on that speed dial
Know she’ll answer any time with a smile
Phone rings, she picks up on the 1st ring
I know she’s thinking the same thing
That’s why we on the same team, she been saying
She wants me to come thru and lay it down
I know how you like it, girl don’t try to fight it

I know what’s on your mind
Girl i’m not wasting time
You want me to go deep, right when you start to peak
Well i’ll set it off now, well i’ll set it off now (2x)

I got you begging me for more
You’re fiening for the second encore
My mission, try so many positions
I got you in submission. Now it’s time I
Give you what you been missing
Oh girl my only wish, is to make you finish
Girl you’re feel me when you peak
Just when you think i’m done, that’s when i’ll go deep

(OUTRO TALK) ” Yeah, and what tickles me
Is the reply is always. ok the door will be unlocked
Yeah that’s how i know panties getting dropped
Yeah Shout out to you, and the things you do
Even though i don’t love you


Pop (567) - Set (8)


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