Last night, when we said good night
I couldn’t tell how you felt cause it felt
Like every other goodnight kiss
So now this is coming out of nowhere
It’s almost like you don’t care

When you’re saying your mind’s made up
Like your side of the bed and all your makeup
That was making a mess
Yeah, it’s all cleaned up
You’re saying we could still be friends
And there’s nothing that I can do
You’re packing your Chevy heading to Malibu
No tear in your eye, you must have thought this through
I can’t believe you’re saying this
I guess I don’t get a say in this

Wish I knew what was going through
Your mind last night, I bet I
I could’ve talked you out of that drive
We could’ve had a conversation
I could have showed you that this is worth saving
Are you saying that this ain’t worth saving
When you’re saying

You say you can’t afford to
Stay in a town where there’s nothing for you
I guess I can’t compare to California
So you’re handing me the key to my door



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