Oh where, oh where has my patience gone?
I do declare you don’t know right from wrong.
How many days has it been since you’ve bathed,
Yourself in common sense of which you could use in waves?

I dare to swear to the sun above.
I’m free from you like a gliding dove.
I’ll bite your head off and spit it into a volcano,
And take the remains and grind them into nothing but atoms.

Evil, evil witch doctors!
Flying around in shiny helicopters,
Dropping bombs with needles and fast talkers.

Writing spells for school kids, and leaving them in lockers.
Beating up a lonely wandering troll, for wearing red trousers.

Take a suicidal patient’s milk and mix it in with downers.
Kidnap the Queen of England and teach her nothing but bad manners.
Break into an old lady’s garden and replace everything with plastic flowers.
Waging war on the world, just to steal some oil,
Jack Nicholson dating Laura Flynn Boyle.

Oh where, oh where has my patience gone.
Pretty flowers, baby bunnies and the flying nun.
It’s rare, I dare you to jump and run,
Through a burning market of gasoline,
And rum.

© 2020 Minoan Music



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